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The tasks involved in office cleaning are different to the ones of cleaning our houses. The size of the area is the first major difference, then comes the time spent to accomplish the task. Another factor is the regular cleaning that an office needs on daily basis. We also need to have the right tools and the responsible cleaning products, eco-friendly and bio-degradable. We have to rotate our office cleaning tasks throughout the week or month. Some of the tasks include dusting on a daily basis would be great so that dust will not be visible on surfaces. Cleaning fittings and fixtures is also of great importance when it comes to office cleanings, because these places are touched throughout the day such as light switches and door knows.

Before We Start Cleaning Your Office

We first make sure all accesses to your office areas are to be cleaned. We do not move all furniture, we only move chairs when cleaning under desks. We check the filing cabinets, bookshelves and electrical items such as computers. In some cases we block access to some areas by using barricades or warning signs to avoid that people walk on wet floors. This is done when we clean your office during business hours. That's why it is highly recommended to perform the cleanings after the end of official business hours.

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