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Commercial Cleaning vs Janitorial Services Janitorial services and commercial office cleaning are similar in that they both involve cleaning and maintaining buildings, but there are some key differences between the two. Janitorial services generally refer to a broader range of cleaning and maintenance tasks, which can include tasks such as window washing, floor maintenance, and
10 steps for improving washroom sanitation and cleanliness in your building Bathrooms may seem like a really boring topic, but it’s one that is important none the less. The bathroom is the one place in your office that is the most likely to be a source of physical harm. By adding some simple safety measures
Flu Season Cleaning & Maintenance Tips to Keep Your Office clean and healthy The flu season is upon us and with it comes the dangers of contracting the illness. From the people who come in to work with the flu to the clients who visit your business, it never fails that people get sick during
How to Clean Desks and Other Office Items Are you looking for tips on how to clean the equipment you use every day? Whether it’s your computer, phone, or kitchen appliances, we have some great tips to help you keep them clean and looking like new. Read on for our top tips! If you’re looking
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